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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball


What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball is the organized formation of non-scholastic volleyball teams for the purposes of practice and competition. Almost all club volleyball programs associate with one or more governing organizations (USA Volleyball, AAU, JVA, Etc) in order to sanction their competitions.

Club volleyball programs vary in their size and purpose.  Some clubs serve a very small niche (e.g. low commitment/developmental, high commitment/elitist, etc). Others, like the Wisconsin Juniors, provide a wide array of opportunities.

Club volleyball, in our area, holds tryouts in October/November.  Our developmental, regional, and travel teams compete until the end of March.  Our national teams compete until the end of June.

Wisconsin Juniors provides 4 levels of training and competition within our club program as well as an Extended Season offering for those who want to continue playing after their local or regional season ends. Our unique national program, matches team training with positional training in order to maximize not only individual  growth but team growth as well. 

Unlike some other sports (e.g. football), club volleyball is the primary avenue for student-athletes to gain exposure to college scouts.  Due to the fact that both the NCAA woman’s volleyball season and girl’s high school season are in the fall, very few NCAA programs recruit during the high school season.  Accordingly, almost all evaluation and recruiting opportunities occur during the club volleyball season.

For more information or questions about club volleyball, contact Josh Price at 

Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball Club