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Wisconsin Juniors

Winter Classic

Winter Classic Parent Info.

Parent Information:

Click Here for the Playing Schedule

The playing venue is the Wisconsin Center – found at 400 W. Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee.   Click Here to see the Map

Main entrance for the Wisconsin Center is on the SE corner of the building at 4th and Wisconsin Ave.

There is street parking, pay lots and parking structures surrounding the playing facility. Here is a link to some more info regarding parking. Parking Information

There are two levels of escalators to reach the courts.  The first escalator is for all to take.  For the 2nd level of escalator, the south escalator will be for spectators and the north escalator will be for players and coaches.   

Admission is $8 per day or $15 for a 2-day pass. Admission will be charged for anyone non-rostered and 12 years of age or older.

All live results will be posted on Advancedeventsystems. We will have 4 public computers to view results.  Public WiFi may only available in the commons area. 

A trainer from United Hospital will be on-site for the entirety of the tournament.

Coolers and Chairs are not allowed in the Wisconsin Center.

We are in need of singer(s) needed for the national anthem on Saturday and Sunday morning.  If you have anyone interested in singing the anthem to start our event each day, please have them send me an email at   

If your looking form more information regarding other fun things to do in Milwaukee go to:

Hotel Listing for the Winter Classic

Need a Hotel for the Winter Classic - We have 5 great hotels all located just a short walk from the convention center!!!

Just click on the link and the Meeting Max/Visit Milwaukee reservation system will help you get it done in just minutes. 

2019 Winter Classic Preliminary Tournament Info


Wave Schedules:  The following is the expected wave schedules for Saturday’s competition

a.m. wave (8:00 a.m start):  All 15’s divisions, 16 Open, 17/18 Open, and 18 Club

p.m. wave (2:00 p.m. start):  All 14’s divisions, 16 Club (Premier), and 17 Club

12’s divisions play Saturday only and all divisions will start at 8:00 a.m.

13’s divisions play Sunday only and all divisions will start at 8:00 a.m.

*** For 14-18’s - Sundays schedule is determined by Saturday’s results. 

Hotels:  For those still looking for overnight lodging we have 3 convenient and highly rated hotels including both the Hilton and Hyatt which connect to the Wisconsin Center via Sky-Walk with rooms still available at this point.   Even for those clubs that aren’t far from Milwaukee, we have found that many families enjoy an overnight stay in downtown Milwaukee when you can get these great rooms at less than $130 per night through our relationship with visit Milwaukee.  Make sure to jump on these quick however as the block dates are closing soon (Dec. 21st)  To easily reserve a room click on the following link.