Coach Alex Moe

Head Coach: Alex Moe

Assistant: Grace Yeager

Head Coach Bio

Seasons at WJV: 6th Season with WJV

Coaching Experience: 2022 Case High School Varsity Coach. 2020 AVCA 12s Club Coach of the Year. 2020 Badger Region 14U Coach of the Year. 2020 15th place at AAU Nationals. Has been coaching club volleyball for the past 11 years at various clubs. 

Playing Experience: Attended Racine Case High School where he played volleyball for 4 years. In 2001, Runner-up in WIAA State Tournament. Selected as All-Region player and to the Badger Region youth National Team. 

Education and Career: Asset Management Supervisor for RUSD. Graduated from the University of Milwaukee with a degree in History. 

Family: Lives in Racine, WI with his wife, Sam, and has a dog named Tama.

Favorite Sports Memory: From a playing standpoint, the teammates that have turned into lifelong friends long after their playing days are over. From a coaching standpoint, the ah-ha moment his players have when they finally succeed at something they have been working so hard for. Championships do not happen every year but no matter the skill level of a young athlete there is always going to be that moment for them.

Favorite Quote: At a young age winning is not the most important thing...the most important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence. -Arsene Wenger

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. -Michael Jordan

Favorite Athlete: Allen Iverson

Grace Yeager
Assistant Coach: Grace Yeager

Seasons at WJV: 1st Season

Coaching Experience: 1 year of high school volleyball at JI Case High School

Playing Experience: Have played for over 8 years. (6 years of club 13s-18s)

Education and Career: Current college student

Family: My mom coaches at Wisconsin Juniors and my sister is a current athlete at Wisconsin Juniors.

Favorite Sports Memory: Traveling to tournaments and being with my teammates.

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Michael Jordan

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan

13 Elite

Coach Anthony Lambert

Head Coach: Anthony Lambert

ASSISTANT: Casey Hironimus

Head Coach Bio

Hello Juniors athletes and families, I’m coach Anthony! I'm proud to say this is my 5th season with Wisconsin Juniors! I am heavily involved with many of the programs at Juniors. Anytime coaches are needed to support a camp or project I am there. Coaching volleyball is a passion, I enjoy helping and watching our athletes develop their skill and love of the game. During the off-season I am the Wilmot High School Girls Volleyball JV2 coach and instruct motorcycle performance track riding. I love sharing knowledge to others to obtain their performance goals.

I am a military retiree after serving 20 years of honorable military service in combat medicine. I have earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing & Bachelor of Criminal Justice. 

I reside in Illinois with my beautiful wife Lorie and daughter Kobi.  My son lives and works in the Philippines.

I look forward to providing a positive experience for all our Wisconsin Juniors athletes and making some amazing memories!

ASSISTANT COACH: Casey hironimus

Seasons at WJV: 1st Season

Coaching Experience: I am going onto my third year coaching. I have coached 15s and 17s at a national level and 14s at a regional level.

Playing Experience: I have been playing for 10 years. I started in 6th grade at my middle school and started playing club in 7th grade at Illinois Juniors. I was at Juniors for 3 years and then I switched clubs to Lake County Tornados for 3 years. I played all four years at Grayslake North High School, with two years on varisty. I played two years at the College of Lake County and now I am finishing off my last two years playing volleyball at Carthage College.

Education and Career: I transfer to Carthage College from College of Lake County where I got my associates in arts. I am now working towards my bachelors in criminal justice. I hope to become a type of investigator, whether that is with crime scenes, surveillance, or any other available type.

Family: I live with my mom and brother. My mom works from home watching kids and my brother is studying marketing at the University of Illinios (Urbana-champaign).

Favorite Sports Memory: Was my sophomore year at CLC, where my team had only 7 players who could play and we drove down to Morton College who we had not won against that year and the year before. We lost of our conference game to them earlier in the year and it was really devastating and I was worried about this game because I wanted to win but again we only had 7 people. But we got there with good energy and started the game off strong and later won the game in 5 sets. It felt amazing because I really wanted to beat that team and we finally did. Everyone worked really hard and we had plenty of amazing plays that I bet many of us watch over again at times.

Favorite Quote: It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting" - Paulo Coelho

Favorite Athlete: Devin Robinson - Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball