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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball


Our WJV families come from all different walks of life and so do our coaches. These faces make us More Than A Club through their wide array of experiences and training that they pass down to our athletes each night. Learn more about our coaches' WJV history, education, life outside volleyball and more below. #juniorstribe

Select a tab then scroll to view coaches' bios. These placements are still tentative and may change before the season starts.

Wisconsin Juniors Coaches

National Teams - 2023/24 Season

TEAM Head Coach Assistant Coach
11-1 Amy Brieske Stacy Sinks
12-1 Josh Price Sydney Wilson
13-1 Alex Moe Emma Hoey
14-1 Kyleigh Neave Ben Schultz
15-1 Sarah Yeager Jeni Sykes
16-1 Dan Dresen Grace Yeager
17-1 Shannon Klink  
18-1 Mike Moe Mads McKenna
12 ELITE   Lily Liekbe
13 ELITE Mark Ikusz  
14 ELITE Gina Bedessem Alyssa Donton
15 ELITE Lennart Lamp  
16 ELITE Abbie Hogan Kyle Foulke
17 ELITE Ramon Marrero  
18 ELITE Lisa Johnson Maddy Dokken
14 NATIONAL Mya Lequia Chloe Martin
15 NATIONAL Hector Saldana Kallie Appleman
16 NATIONAL Len Niemiec Sophie Tucker

Select & Regional-2023/24

TEAM Head Coach Assistant Coach
13 SELECT Katie Gutowski Mateya Bychowski
14 SELECT Becky Mitten Fiona McDermit
15 SELECT Sarah Bunton Erin Lowery
10 BLUE Kirsten Bank Missi DeBoer
11 BLUE Zoe Nunez Amanda Moran
12 BLUE Lily Stockheimer  
13 BLUE Maia Pelli  
14 BLUE Casey Hironimus  
15 BLUE